Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Northward Journey Starts Oct 6

Last year after one of the harder days of the Million Dollar Challenge, I was joking around at dinner I asked, 'Wouldn't it be cool if we rode up from San Diego to the San Francisco start next year?' In retrospect, I might come to dread that thought. Rob Panzera and I concocted a plan that took out the most dangerous component, riding through LA, and added some mountain passes to make the ride an epic challenge. So with a course set, my financial fundraising goal set, I started to look for someone who could spend this much time away from home and work. Not so fast. Not everyone is as bike crazy as I am it appears. However, one person has raised their hand to join me. Cody Stevenson from Holland Cycles will be my co-conspirator for this big ride!

Starting Oct 5 the adventure will commence! 1150 miles, as well as 73,000 vertical feet of climbing. I'm most worried about the climbing, since the queen stage has us climbing 12,000 feet. Ugh. Here's my 13 day itinerary… 

Day 0, Sat, Oct 5, Travel to Santa Barbara
Day 1, Sun, Oct 6, Santa Barbara to Santa Maria 100 miles and 10,000 feet climb
Day 2, Mon, Oct 7, Santa Maria to Paso Robles 90 miles and 7,000 feet climb
Day 3, Tues, Oct 8, Paso Robles to Carmel 130 miles and 12,000 feet climb
Day 4, Wed, Oct 9, Carmel to Stanford 125 miles and 11,000 feet climb
Day 5, Thur, Oct 10, Stanford to Golden Gate 70 miles and 6,500 feet climb
Day 6, Fri, Oct 11, Rest & MDC Orientation Sausalito 0 miles, climb into bed
Day 7, Sat, Oct 12, San Francisco to Santa Cruz: 86 miles *Start of MDC* 4500 feet climb
Day 8, Sun, Oct 13, Santa Cruz to Big Sur: 86 miles 4500 feet climb
Day 9, Mon, Oct 14, Big Sur to Pismo Beach: 114 miles 6500 feet climb
Day 10, Tue, Oct 15, Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara: 119 miles 5000 feet climb
Day 11, Wed, Oct 16, Santa Barbara to Santa Monica: 89 miles 2000 feet climb
Day 12, Thur, Oct 17, Santa Monica to Dana Point: 80 miles 2000 feet climb
Day 13, Fri, Oct 18, Dana Point to La Jolla: 60 miles 2000 feet climb

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