Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CAFrica... the adventure continues

So just when you thought my crazy fundraising and bike riding frenzy would finally come to an end, I signed up for CAFrica. A Challenged Athlete Foundation ride to South Africa in late February. In fact, there's just a few spots left if your interested. Here's the sales pitch!

CAFrica is a journey that will challenge you physically, astound you with beauty and leave you more connected to the world.

On this event along the southern tip of South Africa you will experience miles of open road, both paved and path, which weave through the countryside delivering endless vistas, challenging climbs and a peek into the culture of this proud country. The Outeniqua Mountains (which includes the Langeberg  and Tsitsikamma mountain ranges) will be your constant companion as you cycle alongside - and sometimes over – their dramatic peaks.  

Link to photo overview of our Journey

The journey along the famous Garden Route often dips south to touch the edge of the ocean and also carries you upward to ride along ridges overlooking the vast untamed landscape.  It connects endless villages and towns that range from outposts to thriving cities. 

Each of our stop-over accommodations has its own personality, and night after night offers a different cultural experience.  Beachside houses, country homes, colonial inns, luxurious wine land hotels, and Bush chalets, all offer a style of South African hospitality that we don’t experience in North America.  Innkeepers and the local population are eager to serve and entertain you, and show great care for your individual experience. 

In addition, the dining opportunities will bring a sense of adventure and satisfaction to every meal.  Try something uniquely local (ostrich, pap and wors, or Peri Peri sauce?) or savor a dish with a European influence.  The treats are especially fun to try including biltong, Steri Stumpies, and Rusks to dip in your coffee! To satisfy hungry riders, all our favorite “fueling” foods are available too.

The ride itself would be rewarding enough, but by far the opportunity to engage with the local people will make this the trip of a lifetime.  South Africa is known for its multiethnic society.  You’ll hear a multitude of languages and have the chance to understand the lifestyle and passions of the people, including local challenged athletes you have supported.

Link to mileage, climbing stats

A touching, wild, luxurious and inspiring adventure awaits! Be sure to click on each of the links below to get full information and I am happy to answer additional questions.

Link to guest program itinerary 

We look forward to having your join us on Thursday, February 27 through Sunday March 9, 2014 as we travel along the Garden Route of South Africa, all the way from Jeffreys Bay to Cape Town.

Link to Signup

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