Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One More Big Ride

With tomorrow's ride from Rob Panzera calling for 3hrs and 3,000 feet, today was the main attraction on the training schedule. I headed east and started the ride in Pine Valley. It was in the high 40's this morning, so luckily I learned my lesson to always have arm warmers and a light wind vest in the car for east county starts. The weather on the coast is almost never the same weather as in the mountains.

Amazing fall foliage is all around on this ride. I headed down to start on Kitchen Creek, and HC climb that really is tough if you try and go hard. I slow rolled it knowing it was going to be long day. Luckily I met up with another rider on the road and we chatted most of the way to top which made the time up that climb go quickly. Then back down to the car via Sunrise, throw the arm warmers and jacket in the car, replace fluids and head back up Sunrise. At some point heading over to Banner Grade someone turned on the wind tunnel, then descend Banner, ascend Banner via Wynola and into Julian. Stop for fluids and a banana (no more pie for me, sadly) and on to Engineers. Bummer on Engineers was getting my third flat in 2 days. But I was quickly on my way descending 79 back to Pine Valley. All in all, a great day, good tunes, not much traffic and lots of time to think about everything I now need to get ready for our Sunday Start.

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