Thursday, October 3, 2013

Training complete... now rest

Ugh, so if I would have known that Rob Panzera, my favorite coach (well, my only coach) would have me as worked over as I am today, I might not have signed up for the northbound express. Today was a 'short' 40 miler with about 3,000 feet of vertical. This was on the easy side of my recent rides. Yesterday for example was over 100 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing. The legs are feeling sore but good, so having a couple of days off before starting on Sunday should make them feel even better!

Now it's time to check, double check equipment. I managed to get 4 flats in 3 days, so time for some new tires... Going to put some Continental Gatorskins on. Its fall, and it's prime time for flats for some reason as every bush that produces a thorn seems to get on the road and wait for me to come by. The Gatorskins have proven to be better than most at keeping them at bay. My Holland Jet is just about all set, need to lube the chain with some WD40 Bike lube, squeeze some grease into my speedplay pedals. I'm going to ride my SRM compact crankset up the coast, but switch to a standard crank for the trip south. We'll be doing most of the hard climbing on the northbound half of the ride. I'm also going to have a set of deep dish Carbon wheels for the trip south. So either I'll need all the aero I can get because I'm so damn slow after working hard going north, or I'll be flying south in great form. We'll see.

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