Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 5 Santa Barbara to Santa Monica

Perfect weather and a great send off in the morning of the Star Spangled Banner by guitar and a pep talk by sports broadcasting legend Dick Endberg (who's wife is riding with us this year btw). We were off down the coast. The scenery is spectacular as we keep the water on the right side. The roads however, required constant attention.

Nancy's chain is beyond help courtesy of me
Incredible scenery, but careful attention to the road too.

For Adam's 10 Year Cancer free day, we pulled out the Yellow

I did this... on Nancy's bike. sorry Nancy!

For the most part, the day could be categorized as before I tried to help Nancy with her bike, and after. Before, we were cruising along with not a care, on schedule for an early arrival and favorable wind conditions. After, I was doing my penance on the front in what could be considered the windiest day of the ride this year.
Windy SAG stop

Nancy's shifting was off, so I volunteered to ride her bike and adjust the deraileur. However, my adjustment ended up FUBAR.

That's me on the left. Great photographer!
Which required a mechanic. Non were close by, so it took time. So we took a few shots while lounging around waiting.

I also did a number on her tire as well. So generally, NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. Lesson learned again. But I guess I'll have to learn it after this too.

Mike showing how to draft a local on the bike path

Celebrating Adam's 10 year Cancer Free required some local recovery beverage from a canyon road we spent some serious time on.

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