Sunday, October 6, 2013

Looking ahead to CDM Day 2..

90 miles and 7,000 feet climbing
Leave the farming community of Santa Maria for a roll around the heart of the central coast near San Luis Obispo. Then up you go as you clear the coastal range and cruise into wine country.
  • Cruise around quaint central coast towns near San Luis Obispo
  • Take on the well-known leg stretcher, Old Creek Road
  • Cut across the vineyards located west of Paso Robles
  • Cruise down the ever popular and fun descent of Peachy Canyon • Grab a nice meal with wine in downtown Paso to cap off the day 
Link to the route:

I'm hoping the Garmin doesn't drop the ride again and then tell me to turn around even though i know I'm on the right route.... all day...  I'll have this figured out soon I hope.
Hey Garmin, cool device until it's not cool.

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